Staff Applications are now OPEN!

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Hello everyone! Good morning or afternoon,

We are happy to announce that the staff applications are now open, to apply you must read and ensure you meet the requirements here before copying the format and filling it out posting it in Staff Applications. Please make sure to read all of the requirements so that you understand it all, you then should receive a reply as to the outcome of your application. Please do not ask staff members to check and or to accept your application otherwise it will be an automatic denial and you will not be allowed to apply again. We cannot stress this enough! Read the format and fill it in properly before submitting it.

The rank that you are applying for is HELPER
If you have applied previously before this announcement was made, then please reapply as we have changed the format.
If you are denied, you are to wait 1 month before reapplying, if this term is broken it may affect your applications in future.

Thanks and have a nice day,
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