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Respect all players, including staff members
There is no need for players to disrespect other players on the server to make them feel bad, or upset. Respect everyone the way you want to be treated

Cheats and or any sort of exploits. Report Exploits HERE.
Everyone on the server should be having fun, using exploits and cheats ruins the fun out of everything, any form of cheating which gives a player an advantage is strictly not allowed, this includes hack clients, auto clickers, and or allowing another person control your account to boost your statistics

Common sense
Use common sense, do not break any "obvious" rules which is not listed here, but take it into thought that it may not be allowed

Offensive, explicit, or inappropriate content
Minor swearing is allowed, however if it is directed, frequent, and severe you may be punished. Offensive usernames and skins are not tolerated, you may be warned, but may be banned accordingly if caught again

Advertising other servers
Advertising other servers or competitors may result in a mute, if this if frequently abused or ignored, it will result in a temporary ban

Spamming messages or commands
Spamming is un necessary in most cases, it is not needed, so please don't do it. This also applies to spamming in game commands

Rules can and will most likely change at anytime without notice *
If there isn't a rule listed here, but is common sense and you abuse it, you will be punished *
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