European Proxy Upgraded + Pushed

As many of you reading this know, our European proxy has been getting hit with a lot of connectivity issues as of late. Some of these issues were server sided connection issues, which kicked the players from the network with a weird error. Another thing was that the server would often randomly go in a "pinging" status, and then have issues whilst a player was attempting to connect to it.

The priority we set for issues like this is high, even though it took a bit of time preparing and discussing this upon the administration, it's not as easy as it sounds... Which is why it took a bit longer than we expected.

What we've done to fix this
We have upped our budget for the Europe proxy, and upgraded the entire machine running the network and installed a newer version of the operating system we were previously using. It is in the same exact location (France), however parts in the machine have been upgraded to more modern technology, which has proven to help and improve the number of it's capacity which the server is able to handle.

To play on the updated proxy, you can join through the IP which has not been changed, it remains the same.

Thank you


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Not in Europe but I appreciate all the work you go through to help people have less lag ? Thanks again!!


Give me 1 reason why we shouldn't use OVH.

OVH is in fact one of the best and most known hosting companies out there, providing one of, if not the best ddos protection you can find.
That was a joke don’t get mad…
Its a reference to the fire…
The biggest French Minecraft Server lost his website and 3 proxies…
I just don’t want you to have this issue
But of course they have the best DDOS protection