MLG Rush bed disappearing


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so I was In a round of MLG rush no damage
when I had noticed when I broke the guys bed half of it disappeared. I tried breaking the Invis bit. and I couldn't. so I
went and broke the other half that was still there. went back over too his bed and all of it was gone. he could still see it just fine and stand on it
but when I tried breaking It I couldn't touch either of the halves. he went and took my bed and it was still gone. heres a ss of me trying
too break It

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Hey RootbeerPremium,
This bug happens when you are breaking your enemy's bed and almost break it but the enemy gets it before but u break the bed too but the point is to him, and your bed will disappear from the next rounds but there's a simple fix...
I think its not a server bug and its a client side bug as this can be seen on many other servers than and the fix is:

1) Go to the place where ur enemy's bed is located (which is invisible to u atm)
2) just right click on any part in the air where the bed should be
3) then u can break it and it gets fixed.

If it happens again and your in a rush fight, you can just go to enemy bed right click then break it...
easy as that...
I hope it helps.