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  1. Zackaria

    [Store] Rank perks in store are blurry

    H Hi, the reason it's like this is to show that the specific rank does not have access to those. That's why it's blurred
  2. Zackaria

    Prison... What's up with that?

    No problem. Very sorry for the delayed update.
  3. Zackaria

    Prison... What's up with that?

    Hopefully! Everything will be re-done (for the most part)
  4. Zackaria

    Prison... What's up with that?

    Many players have been asking this question lately, and I am here today explaining and giving a run down on the entire situation, and future plans which we have in mind. As everyone knows by now, lately, prison has been experiencing many unfortunate issues lately, such as heavy bug abuse and...
  5. Zackaria

    European Proxy Upgraded + Pushed

    As many of you reading this know, our European proxy has been getting hit with a lot of connectivity issues as of late. Some of these issues were server sided connection issues, which kicked the players from the network with a weird error. Another thing was that the server would often randomly...
  6. Zackaria

    Not received nuker pickaxe

    I've decided to refund you the amount, since you must be online for me to be able to give it to you, and it doesn't seem like that was going to happen. Thank you
  7. Zackaria

    Not received nuker pickaxe

    @R396 Are you online? What's your username
  8. Zackaria


    Hello @TheRealMrCurls I am incredibly sorry for this and I can give you the Nuker Pickaxe manually. What's your IGN and when will you be online?
  9. Zackaria

    Replay System + NEW Bridge Trainer + New Time Calculation

    Hey there, good morning or evening to everyone! It's been such a while since a post has been made here, and we sincerely apologize! We've been putting so much time into the server that we forgot about the forums haha... Anyway, this post is about the NEW fastbridger update! Fastbridger has...
  10. Zackaria

    What the heck are these kicks

    #1 Joking #2 A hacker which needed to be banned #3 Joking #4 Joking We do not do this while anyone is in game, it may look a little messed up from the outside but most of these are just us staff members joking around whilst being in a call :D
  11. Zackaria

    NEW Fastbridger NPC UI + Incline/Short Bridger Added

    Good morning or evening! For a few days now, we have been working on adding new things for you guys! One of the things the higher ups spoke about was adding more to our Fastbridger modes, and today we've decided that we have done enough testing and are deciding to release it today! What we've...
  12. Zackaria

    Staff Apps Visible If Not Logged In

    Thanks for all of your concerns, this has now been changed. Zackaria
  13. Zackaria

    Professional godbridger. Basically, BedlessNoob but better

    Professional godbridger. Basically, BedlessNoob but better
  14. Zackaria

    Network Rules

    Respect all players, including staff members There is no need for players to disrespect other players on the server to make them feel bad, or upset. Respect everyone the way you want to be treated Cheats and or any sort of exploits. Report Exploits HERE. Everyone on the server should be...
  15. Zackaria

    Welcome to Bridger Land!

    Hey everyone, welcome to Bridger Land! Some of you may know me, others do not. Let me start off by introducing myself! My ingame name is Zackaria, and I am one of the owners of the server a long with BedlessNoob! We are so glad you guys are interested to see the future and success of our...