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  1. Zackaria

    Bridger Land Discord - Server Rules & Guideline (2024)

    Discord Server Rules 1) No Toxic Information Sharing Sharing sensitive personal information, such as your exact location, IP addresses, or other private details, is strictly forbidden to ensure everyone's safety. 2) Prohibition of Spamming/Flooding Sending repetitive or excessive messages to...
  2. Zackaria

    Bridger Land Network - Server Rules & Guideline (2024)

    1. Respect 1.1. Treat all players with respect. No harassment, bullying, or discriminatory behavior. 1.2. Avoid any form of hate speech, including derogatory comments based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. 1.3. Prohibit abusive language, inappropriate topics or jokes...
  3. Zackaria

    Prison Beta!

    Hello everyone! We have some great news to share today! As many of you are aware, we've been rolling out beta versions for our prison game mode's return. We're excited to announce that after months of dedication and hard work, the full release is just around the corner! Here's what's...
  4. Zackaria

    Server API

    This is a pretty cool idea! I just don't know if it's worth it at the exact moment to do all this, since we are able to track this all ourselves. I would say though, us displaying it on our website would be cool though
  5. Zackaria

    FFA ideas

  6. Zackaria


    We are happy to announce our 2nd year anniversary! Bridger Land has been up and operational to the public for 2 years now, and none of this could have been done without your support. We would like to show and express our appreciation with this post. Before we do begin, we have achieved some...
  7. Zackaria


    Hello everyone! Today we have released some Halloween maps! It's time to start the spooky season, and with that we decided to update our main lobbies with a whole new halloween update! It's not the same as last years map, this year it's completely different. We have also updated our Fastbridger...
  8. Zackaria

    New Fastbridger Maps & Blocks!

    Good morning or evening everyone! Today, the administration team is excited to bring you all some new Fastbridger maps! It's been quite some time since we've added new maps, and we felt like now would be a great time! As some of you know, last week we added 4 new maps to the gamemode, and...
  9. Zackaria

    Quality of Life Suggestions for BridgerLands

    PATCHED - Also, profiles are temporarily disabled! - PATCHED - It will require a server restart to view changes - PATCHED -...
  10. Zackaria

    Constantly being in Lobby #1

  11. Zackaria

    Bugs in lobbies

    Fixed most of them Thank you for reporting these, however these are not really considered bugs at all (other than the one where you can hit players) So, they may not be prioritized.
  12. Zackaria

    Description for MLG Rush Settings is incorrect

    It won't be visible until the server restarts though!
  13. Zackaria

    MLG Rush Suggestion | Kills Leaderboard

    Kills inside of MLG Rush do not really matter enough to be put inside of a leaderboard
  14. Zackaria

    BridgeWars Leaderboard is broken

    This has been fixed. Thank you
  15. Zackaria

    Hub Kill Message Bug Report

    The reason this occurred is because we had temporarily removed our nickname system from the lobby, making the placeholder unreadable. This has been corrected.
  16. Zackaria

    New Bridge Wars & MLG Rush Maps

    It's about time that we update some maps! Hello everyone! Today, the team is excited to bring you all some new server maps! 5 for Bridge Wars, and 3 for MLG Rush. We tried to bring some "uniqueness" to our Bridge Wars maps. We hope that you all enjoy the new styles, and we also hope that it...
  17. Zackaria

    [Store] Rank perks in store are blurry

    H Hi, the reason it's like this is to show that the specific rank does not have access to those. That's why it's blurred
  18. Zackaria

    Prison... What's up with that?

    No problem. Very sorry for the delayed update.