Hey I’m Yan a 15 y/o boy from Paris in France and I love baguette (jk pls stop with that joke that’s annoying). I started playing Minecraft during the lockdown on a modded server which allows you to play without having a Java account (I was playing in crack ik that’s bad sry mojang), I bought my Minecraft account to play on Hypixel w/ my friend and i have money to use I’m MVP++ since September.
Then I started to discover other Minecraft servers like bridger.land. I wasn’t super hyped with the concept of bridging and I came back when the prison came out.
I like to have goals that drives me along the way (my goal is not to buy any ranks in this server because my wallet will die.
I wanna be a helper because I’m driving by the possibility to help people.
Have a great day everyone !
Sep 29, 2006 (Age: 17)
Paris, France




Prison player
Helping others and I made a staff apps rn
IGN: YanIsBad
Free since 03/02/2022


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